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Well, let’s start by defining leadership. What is leadership? Leadership is simply the ability to influence, motivate, and guide followers or subordinates towards achieving a set goal. It also involves a sound ability to make good decisions and call the right shots. I think leaders should be able to set sound and achievable goals for their team members and encourage them to work confidently in line with those goals.

Leaders also motivate their team and provide the much-needed roadmap and blueprint for their team members’ success. They also offer staff and subordinates the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve greatness.

VIA Survey of Character Strengths

The Values in Action (VIA) survey of character strengths is a 240-item face-valid self-report questionnaire meant for use with adults that want to know their strengths. The survey uses 5-point Likert-style items to determine the degree to which respondents validate items reflecting the 24 strengths of character in the VIA classification.

If you are out there and aspiring to a leadership position, I strongly suggest that you complete the survey. It takes about 25 minutes. I have completed the survey. Check out my results below. By the way, the survey was created by the University of Pennsylvania and it’s free.

Forgiveness and mercy

I agree with the results of the survey in the sense that it portrays all that I see in myself as a person and all the qualities that are in me.

My top strength was in the areas of forgiveness and mercy. I’m very friendly and compassionate, which means I can easily forgive, be merciful, trust and cooperate with people rather than being suspicious and antagonistic toward them. I find it very easy to inspire and encourage people. I got this quality from my mum because she’s hilarious, passionate, creative, and fun to be with.

I can easily let go of anger and resentment or lingering rage against others. A good leader should be able to deal with these negative emotions wisely and be quick to forgive others.


In leadership, gratitude refers to being a leader that appreciates everyone’s contribution to the team’s success. Moreover, it talks about recognizing the contributions your employees make towards meeting deadlines, finishing a project on time, overcoming obstacles, and achieving set objectives. Gratitude is a powerful strength that every leader should possess, and I am happy that I have this as one of my strengths.

The survey states that I am aware of the good things that are going on in my life and I never take them for granted. I always take the time to say thank you. I encourage strong interaction, and I love interacting with people. I’m very enthusiastic, assertive, extroverted, and people-oriented.

Spirituality, a sense of purpose, and faith

As a person of faith, I strongly agree with the scores that I got in this area. The survey states that I have strong and coherent beliefs about the higher purpose and meaning of spirituality. Additionally, it disclosed that my beliefs shape my actions and are a source of comfort and strength. I love talking to people, solving problems, and helping others live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

The survey reveals that people with higher scores on spirituality, a sense of purpose, and faith show a more stable and emotionally resilient attitude to stress and in difficult situations. A leadership position comes with a series of stressful situations that require high emotional stability, resilience, and a can-do attitude.

Self-control and self-regulation

According to the survey, I’m someone who consciously regulates what I feel and do. Interestingly, it says that I am a disciplined person, in control of my appetites and emotions, not vice versa. With the above results, I believe that I possess the ability to be self-disciplined, reliable, and organized, which means that I tend to plan rather than be spontaneous.

We all know that in leadership, results and achievement matter. So, with these attributes and strengths, you can certainly grow to become a good leader.

Honesty, authenticity, and genuineness

This was my last strength, and it disclosed that I am an honest person, not only by speaking the truth but by living my life genuinely and authentically. It went further to show that I am down to earth and without pretense; a “real” person.

I think that being an honest, and genuine leader helps in building authentic relationships within your team. A solid relationship inspires trust and motivates people in your team to do the right thing and avoid cutting corners or cheating. Possessing these qualities means that your leadership style will be honest, ethical, transparent, and devoid of prejudice.

Finally, if you’re struggling with some of the issues that I have mentioned in this blog and need help, request a roadmap that will guide you through the process of strengthening your character as a leader. Thanks for reading.

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